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cheap jordans on sale Intro: Make a Bike Trailer for Less Than $10!Using a bike is a great way to zip around town and run errands, but some jobs are a little more cheap retro jordans size 9 than a bike alone can handle. What about carting around jugs of water or groceries? How do you get power tools to a friends’ house to work on a project? A backpack can only hold so much!A bike trailer would be very useful, but what if you can’t afford a spiffy new one from the bike shop? This design can be built Cheap jordans shoes using scavenged wood, 2 bike tires, a few borrowed tools, and about $7 worth of braces that can be purchased at your local hardware store!Here is what you will need:”Scavenged materials:”2 Wooden pallets(Pallets are an industrial waste product that many businesses throw away. Check with local businesses, free pallets are available in most areas.)Wood scraps(2×4 or 2×6 lumber works the best. cheap jordans on sale

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